Welcome! There isn't much to know about me besides that I enjoy video games. Some of my favourite series include Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokèmon, Kirby, Animal Crossing, and Legend of Zelda.
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How else do you think Groudon got stuck on that dinky land? (´⊙ω⊙`)


i replayed sonic generations again and its still as cute as i remember!!


Pic of the Day for August 21st! Lord Debbie Ghirahim joins as an Assist Trophy!

I still can’t believe that some people live in a spot where they can drive for an hour and be in another country like you can drive for a whole day in Canada and still not be in another province


A little thing I made for a possible tee shirt design

  • me: he is such a little shit he is literally a piece of trash i cant stand his face
  • friend: so you hate him?
  • me: no hes my favorite character


The Blue Blur 


Someone commented on how most of the things I post are incomplete scratchy drawings. So I wanted to try finishing a piece for a change and I liked the Midna drawing I did in Storyboard Pro. I took it into Photoshop, cleaned up the line work, and then painted it. 

Yeah… give me a little free time from working on art, and what do I do? Art.


Maple-Freedom-Tea Tumblr Posts photoset #11

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How dare you sleep on me, I have an emerald to protect!


my gf

Just saying when you go into the Pachirisu tag there are quite a few posts going around of the whole follow me world champion followed by the lyrics to city escape
Look at what you’ve done Sonic fandom, I hope you’re happy




That will teach the fandom that overrated mons aren’t everything